Home Concerts

Home concerts offer a unique, special and entertaining way to have a family and friend gathering or to be the host of a party that everyone will be talking about for months to come!  I bring two to three harps and I play, sing and tell stories to create a beautiful and fun event!

Feel free to make it as personal as you want by having everyone bring an appetizer or wine and cheese beforehand.  Get each guest to bring an appetizer so you can make it fun for everyone!  Make it right for you and your household.

Everyone who has had a house concert has had so much fun as I create a fun and energetic atmosphere with my songs and stories.

Here are some details you might want to know:

KIND OF MUSIC Janelle plays styles a variety of styles of music from Celtic, to folk, Latin American, Blues, familiar tunes and her own compositions.

AUDIENCE The audience is made up of the friends and family that you have invited into your home for the concert creating a very intimate, friendly and warm environment.

FEE The concert is at no cost to the host! I ask that each guest pays $20 at the door and that money goes to my “One Can Never Have Enough Harps” fund.  A minimum of 20 people requested.  Some people pay me up front and use this concert as a gift to their loved ones or as a fundraiser. There are many options!

PERFORMANCE LENGTH There are usually two 45-minute sets with an intermission.

HOUSING REQUIREMENTS The concert will be situated in the largest room of your house where you can set up however many chairs and couches you think is necessary for the people you have invited into your home.  My harps do not take that much room so if you leave enough room for a couch to fit in with a few feet between that and the audience, we are good to go.

SOUND & SPACE I bring my own sound equipment so you don’t have to worry about that.  I only take about 10 feet by 6 feet of space.

LANGUAGE Janelle can do the concert in either English or in French, or “Franglais” for those of you who would like a mix!

TIME A harp concert is a nice touch for a special weekend, weeknight, evening or a Sunday matinee!

SPECIAL REQUESTS If there are any special requests such as songs, lengths, timing, etc… please let me know ahead of time.

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