Press Release for “The Nadeau Ensemble: A Prairie Christmas” 

Janelle Nadeau Ensemble keeps tradition alive with A Prairie Christmas

Manitoba’s Nadeau will evoke Christmas spirit in Manitoba

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“I really was impressed by Janelle’s talent, poise, humour and her all-around good sense in reading her audience.” — Killarney Guide

“I am feeling so privileged that I just have to share this with you. I attended the concert put on by the Flin Flon Arts Council last night and I do not remember ever attending a concert that was so compelling, so beautiful and so haunting. I still have the wondrous strains rolling thru my mind. Thank you for your part in continuing to bring this high level of entertainment to our doorstep. A job well done.” — Linda

“Nadeau’s natural soprano voice added its own charm, performing What Child is This with sweet innocence as well as expressive Friendly Beasts.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“Our amazing performance and stage presence was something the people of Souris have never witnessed. Great job…” — Grant

“Janelle seems to become the song, rather than be a person reading music and playing an instrument” — Faye


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Dear Ms. Nadeau

Being the ‘rock & roll’ kind of guy that I am, my girlfriend had to drag me kicking and screaming to your troupe’s recent performance here in Winnipeg.  At the time, I could have named a half dozen things (shovelling the sidewalk, clipping my dog’s toenails, etc) I would rather be doing than being locked in an old downtown theatre for two hours listening to fairy music.

Three days later it would be impossible for me to shower you and your Winter Harp troupe with any more deserving accolades than you’ve already received.  Suffice to say your harp playing left my knees weak and my mind spell-bound.  Never have I experienced such visual grace coupled with such strength and finesse.

Thank you for your dedication to your life-long learning and mastery of music, and opening my eyes, ears, and mind to a completely different kind of medium.   Your touring venture outside the borders of British Columbia to Winnipeg was very much appreciated.

My girlfriend and I look forward to a repeat performance from you and your Winter Harp next year,


~ Ken, Winnipeg